Poloplast POLO-KAL NG
Vacuum Piping

Low weight, long-lasting, low price tag


POLO-KAL NG Vacuum is a Polypropylene (PP) multi-layer vacuum drainage system, comprising tubes and fittings with push-fit sockets and factory-inserted lip seals made of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR). These pipes and fittings are commercial products with dimensions and quality according to EN 1451-1. The pipe consists of Polypropylene in the inner and outer layer. The middle layer additionally contains minerals for reinforcement. The fittings consist of Polypropylene and additional minerals for reinforcement.

Photo: POLO-KAL NG Cut-through
Source: Poloplast

1. External layer (PP)

  • The tough protective shell of the pipe
  • Sturdy and highly impact resistant

2. Middle layer (Mineral-reinforced PP)

  • Mineral-reinforced PP provides high stability and establishes the superior noise-insulating effect of POLO-KAL NG

3. Internal layer (PP)

  • Tremendous surface smoothness and resistance to chemical agents


The advantages of POLO-KAL NG

Photo: POLO-KAL NG Cut-through
Source: Poloplast
  • Low weight reduces the ship´s total weight and enables easy transport and assembling.
  • High secure assembly due to its established push-fit system. No risk of fire caused by sparks when cutting or welding pipes.
  • Easy and rapid assembly of the factory-sealed push-fit system POLO-KAL NG.
  • Smooth inner surface prevents the accumulation of deposits. Saves time and costs due to elongated maintenance intervals.
  • Precision sealing system and precisely-shaped push-fit sockets. Allows rapid assembly and ensures durable connections.
  • 25 years of multi-layer technology experience. POLOPLAST has more than 25 years of knowledge and experience with the tried and tested 3-layer technology and 60 years of experience with above-ground drainage.


POLO-KAL NG Vacuum / Stainless Steel

POLO-KAL NG Vacuum Stainless Steel
Weight 3 m (DN 50)1.12 kg3.82 – 6.40 kg ¹
Total weight 20.000 m (DN 50)≈ 7.500 kg≈ 34.000 kg ²
System price factor
(pipe, fittings, mounting)
¹ Depends on manufacturer
² At average weight of 5.11 kg


Installation simplicity and safetyFast and safe push-fit systemComplex and error-prone gluing process
FlexibilityFast adjustable and expandableStiff and inflexible
Environmentally friendlinessNo toxic gases, 100% recyclableToxic gases during gluing and in case of fire

Inner Smoothness

  Surface Tension
Teflon (Lotus effect)18 mN / m
POLO-KAL NG Vacuum28 mN / m
PVC40 mN / m
Stainless steel2.000 mN / m

Product Range

Nominal outer diameter
(DN/0D, mm)
Distance between brackets
(horizontal, m) ¹ ²
Distance between brackets
(vertical, m)
¹ Maximum 15 x da
² Dependent on building situation on board. At least distances as shown in the graph are applicable.